Special transport

Special transport
Special transport

A special transport is one of the pillars of our service. We offer especially a transportof non-approved rail vehicles, vehicles with an exceeded loading size and transports of new or reconstructed railway vehicles of any kind from the manufacturer to the operator, for test rides or to workshops. All these services are available internationally.

Railway Vehicles Transport

One of our most important reference is a transport of a new electrical units called Desiro from factory in Krefeld-Uerdingen in Germany to Varna in Bulgaria. We ensured all the way up to the technical handover by Bulgarian Railways. We provided the transport from the Siemens factory by our own resources to the Slovak-Hungarian border station Rajka. We ensured the rest of the journey in cooperation with our partners as well as we drove the entire route directly. We offered our customer a quite easy-going product.

Oversized Cargo Transport

Shipment exceeding the loading rate is an unsolvable problem for many rail carriers. However our specialists truly understand their work and they are often able to find a solution of ademanding contract. See more in Challenging Transport.

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